ERMI offer to discover a glass inspection machines C0 and M* evolution, may it be TTL, INFO or PCI technology. The  principal novelty of this evolution is the replacement of the electronic con troll by a PLC. This ensures improved ease of use and maintenance.The whole variable components as starwheel, divider and infeed screw as well as electronic unit can be keeped and reused.









Machine totally controlled by PLC. Upgradable multi-protocol system.


User interface


Machine software control by an industrial computer. Simple and intuitive ergonomic interface on 19” touch screen. Control of the various run modes. Production statistic. Type of inspection selection. Creation and storage of all article list (specification). Easy adjustment of all inspection device. Language software selection. Production supervision in real time. Help on line. Dialogue via Ethernet network, operating system in real time.



The starwheel rotation is supply by frequency inverter – motor – Fergusson indexer. In option, PCA system suggest to install a servomotor.


New innovations of the PCA technology

  • Inspection and motion drived by PLC
  • Item carousel motor-variator is replaced by an electrical motor associate with frequency inverter
  • Item rotation article motor-variator is replaced by an electrical motor associate with frequency inverter
  • 4 item rotation articles in series
  • Automatic motion of the whole driven part is allied to the production speed/li>
  • New power control cabinet integrates the electrical circuit protection along with 2 frequency inverters
  • Genuine encoder is replaced by a new more precise version
  • Upstream and downstream anti jam safety
  • Rejection safety and self-resynchronization on both ejectors
  • Inspection unit reusable
  • Production tool reusable (starwheel, sabre, infeed screw)
  • Mould number reader by origin read head
  • Oscilloscope integrated in the user-interface
  • Remote access by Ethernet connection to display machine status
  • Display and supervision drive by industrial computer
  • Swivel control panel with 19” touchscreen