Inspection machine PCA-R2, 
inspection for hollow glass




The PCA-R2 machine managed by a PLC offers 3 working radius (Starwheel): 270, 320 and 330mm

The mechanical architecture of the PCA-R2 machine is close to existing versions of the market and allows to adapt some equipments/toolings (Starwheel, screw...).

This machine offers a complete range of inspections as well as the possibility to integrate systems from other manufacturers.

The PCA-R2 is an evolutionary machine through new configuration: Interface, Software, PLC, Accessible Network,...Along with the commercial electronic used in the machine, the PCA-R2 provide a reduced maintenance cost.


 Control of glass defects




Caractéristiques techniques


Inspections configuration and Equipment for articles scrolling are based with customer needs.

Technical support with remote access.

Usability for adjustments machine.

Double display and machine follow-up with WIFI tablet.