Inspection machine MULTI32C, inspection for hollow glass, multi control with quick job change.



Inspection machine MULTI32C allow inspection hollow glass article with high rate. Due to is radius working 380 mm and Is movement management with servo-motors, it guarantees an article indexing with high precision. Fully managed by a PLC for kinematic and signal treatment. Information’s are sended to IHM via an industrial computer. Allied to a “quick change module, the line feed stop for only 30 minutes to accomplish a job change. This adaptable and high performance machine can incorporate several inspection devices : gauging, planarity, cracks, thickness measurement without contact and ovalisation without contact. Mould number reader by camera (dots or characters), as well as various other inspection devices, can be fitted on the starwheel machine.


Control of glass defects



Caractéristiques techniques

Lift system




Automatic height adjustment of the check holder provide by inductive motor, parameters set in the intelligent interface. Automatic adjustment of planarity and gauging device.

Ejection of defective article after detection by photocell with traceability guaranteed. Ejected article orientation choice:Bad bottle ejection

  • Directed towards cullet
  • Towards storage in a dedicated area
  • Towards orientation on transfer line

Automatic adjustment of ejection power according to article choice on the HMI via 3 solenoid valves connected at 3 air accumulators.


Machine entièrement gérée par un automate programmable industriel. Architecture basée sur une communication en mode BUS TCP/IP. Possibilité d’évoluer en facilitant l’intégration de nouveaux appareils de contrôle possédant un protocole de communication différent.


The active safety of the machine is totally controllet by a safety PLC ? All access points covering the moving parts are protected by electrical interlocks linked to the safety circuit. 3 emergency circuits breaker are supplied on the machine.

Remote control

Enabling switch with tension control. With this remote you can activate a number of the machine’s devices (gauging column, lift system, starwheel) via the interface user selection and +/- button action.


Ethernet network architecture 1Gb/s, remote system diagnostic by VPN? Machine supervision available on all computers on the local network. Possibility to connect to an external network for line process application.


QUICK CHANGE Station presetting



The quick change station facilitates the adjustment of the cracks inspection device (quick change) before a job change or during production. This station recreates the configuration of the MULTI 32C and specifically a pocket of a starwheel adjacent to an item rotation station? The cracks inspection device is adjusted before the job change permitting a line stop of only 30 minutes. Adjustments can also be made to detect new cracks midway through production without stopping the line.