Inspection machine MR14, control hollow glass multi inspection

The glass inspection machine MR14 is a MULTI 32 version no quick change. This machine is intended for glass factories with few weekly job changes. This machine hollow glass articles between 20 to 130 mm in diameter at high speed. Thanks to its working radius of 380 mm, it comfortably allows the set up of several inspection devices. The MR14 is fully PLC controlled and also with an industrial computer.The new generation of user interface let the operators to find an access clearly all information displayed. This machine can incorporate several inspection devices including :finish, line over, neck, shoulder, body, heel), thickness measurement, ovalisation without contact, and mould number reader by camera (dots and characters)

Contrôle des défauts du verre

MR14 Highlights

Cracks inspection device :

Is adjusted without oscilloscope, the emitters and receivers are same and interchangeable.

Planarity inspection device :

Is driven by an independent servomotor. The volume measurement is done by a vacuum system no air is injected inside the article, which prevents contamination inside the bottle and guarantees its total hygienic standard. (ERMI Patented system)

Item rotation article :

Possibility to fit up 6 independent item rotation stations driven by servo motor. The speed of each is independent? It can be adjusted on the user interface. The position set up is fast and does not require any tools.

Infeed system :

Easy set up of all infeed guides. The staggered placement of each article is performed by an infeed screw servo driven with quick adjustment ? Anti jam safety upstream to the infeed screw is detected by optical sensor and at downstream by a mechanical couinter ramp.

Outfeed system :

The article release from the starwheel pocket is done an innovation from ERMI that consist to release the article in the axle of the pocket. The article is naturally extracted from the starwheel by outfeed conveyor. This outfeed system needs any adjustment (no drum and no saber)