Cracks inspection device

Cracks ERMI system is a device with fiber optical (red light) adaptable on all ERMI machines range, in quick change version on MULTI32 machine and fix on the other machines.
This system ensures a simplified adjustment and inhibits interferences automatically.
Only one sensor type for emitters and receivers. Function change according to the connection chose on the device front face.




Ring inspection device

Camera inspection system for ring internal and external finish diameter and checks finish (form recognition by contrast).

Ovalisation inspection device

System without contact based on 2 optical micrometers, the adjustment is very fast and simple (inspection height and space between heads). This device is adapted to the whole range of ERMI inspection machines.


 Thickness measurement device

ERMI present 2 kinds of thickness measurement device :

  • A system without contact, with a multi focus optical head(up to 3 units par machine)
  • A second system based on a capacitive head with contact(up to 8 units per machine)

Ces contrôles sont adaptables sur l’ensemble des machines ERMI




Mould number reader

ERMI propose 2 mould number reader systems with camera .
These devices are adaptable on MULTI32 and MR14 machines.
ERMI have also developed a mould number reader head adaptable on all is machines range.